The purpose of the foundation's Ariëns Committee is to "ensure the religious and social education of the Catholic population in a contemporary way to generate interest in the life and work of the late priest Alphons Ariëns, as an ideal for our time in religious and social leadership figure. "

The priest Alphons Ariëns lived in a spirit of sobriety, temperance and simplicity of life and is associated with the Christian vision and with common sense. Anyone who reads the gospel realize that Jesus and his disciples had also conscious movement of moderation in mind. Who looks around in the world knows that the prosperity style of the rich countries contrasts sharply with so much poverty. Who lives simplicity seriously, know that caring for the environment and curb the economy are also at stake.

In working with these moral values ​​are people and groups of people in society operates, as well as the structures of society involved. There is to make a connection between the two:

  1. society and its structures and influence people
  2. reverse influence people and their behavior and opinions of society and its structures.

In the interplay between these two forms of influence was Alphons Ariëns active and is also the Ariëns Committee actively in its activities.