A continuous activity of the Ariëns Committee is to organize an annual memorial in Enschede. In recent years, which focused on the third Sunday of November because Ariëns around these days (in 1889) the RK Workers' Association had set up.

On the last Sunday of August (due Ariëns-anniversary on August 7) ​​are annual activity organized by the parishes of Maarssen in his grave at the cemetery Beer Steijn located on the Straatweg Maarssen.

Meanwhile, to follow the lives of Alphons Ariëns and commemorate with a time distance of a hundred years. In that context, the Ariëns Committee has initiated an annual lecture Ariëns.

The Committee intends Ariëns annual Ariëns lectures promoting awareness around the person and work of the priest Alphons Ariëns. Each lecture is always some aspect of the life of Ariëns on the agenda, which will also be sought with Reading to any renewal of the insights on Ariëns. The series Lectures are a series of small booklets, which could lead to a new study on Ariëns in the future.

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