Principles of remuneration policy

The next principle is applied in the preparation of our remuneration policy.

In order to meet the long term goal of the Ariëns Committee found there are basically no rewards instead.
How to find an allowance, it must comply with this, the following points:
• Transparent
•  Easy
  Compliance with laws and regulations


Description rewards

The following remuneration components occur within our company:
Onkostenvergoeding. Where appropriate, the employees receive a travel allowance within fiscally permissible possibilities.
There are also fees for telephone and business administration.


Transparency remuneration policy

Our remuneration policy is transparent and communicated amongst others on our website.


Evaluation of remuneration policies

Every year by the heads an evaluation of the remuneration policy and is carried out a risk analysis, in which the different aspects of the remuneration policy to be held up to the light:
• Does the remuneration policy are to set out the objectives and principles?
• Are there changes in laws and regulations which have consequences for the remuneration policy?